Danish Furniture Statistics

There are approximately 400 manufacturers of Danish furniture employing around 15,000 people. The industry generated a revenue of $2.4 Billion in 2009, of which nearly $2.0 Billion in exports. In 2010, the share of the US was $81 Million, while the UK's share was $139 Million. Norway is the largest importer of Danish furniture with $387 Million.

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Furniture Design

Introduced to the world in the early 1950s, Danish furniture quickly became synonymous with outstanding craftsmanship and quality. Today, its popularity still shows no sign of slowing down.

The timeless allure of Danish design is due mostly to its simple lines, a deliberate lack of decoration, and a consistent pursuit of functionalism.

With their art rooted in early 19th-century classicism, Danish furniture designers in the 1940s and '50s rallied behind the ?form follows function? slogan making functionalism the cornerstone of Danish design. They even gave the concept of functionalism a whole new meaning by basing their designs on the human body, with its countless forms, needs, and variations.

The use of organic materials is a natural offshoot of functionalism, and Danish designers were early masters in employing wood -- from rich mahogany to pale beech -- in their designs.

When designers around the globe wanted to revolutionize the world's concept of what furniture should be, the Scandinavians were no exception and their smooth, sensual furniture stood out in the crowd of '60s ultramodern design.

What makes Danish design unique is the fact that it never really goes out of style. Lego remains as popular now as when it was first designed. Bang & Olufsen radios from the late 1940s look positively futuristic alongside their blocky counterparts from the same era. And Danish furniture - from Jacobsen's stylishly simple chairs to Wegner's rounded, organic ones - is still displayed in design showrooms across the globe as the ultimate image of modernity.

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