Government of Denmark

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy with a representative democracy based on a unicameral parliamentary system. The affairs of Government are decided by a Cabinet of Ministers, which is led by a Prime Minister. The Cabinet and the Prime Minister are responsible for their actions to the Parliament of Denmark.

The political system of Denmark is that of a multi-party structure, where several parties can be represented in Parliament at any one time. Since 1909, no single party has had the majority in Parliament.

Since 3rd October 2011, the present Government has consisted of the parties Social Democrats, Social Liberals and Socialist People┬┤s Party.

The Danish Monarchy

The Danish Royal Family includes the Queen of Denmark and her family. The Queen and her siblings belong to the House of Gl├╝cksburg, which is a branch of the Royal House of Oldenburg. The Queen's children and male-line descendants belong agnatically to the family House of Laborde de Monpezat and were given the concurrent title Count/Countess of Monpezat by royal decree in April 2008. All members except the Queen hold the title of Prince/Princess of Denmark with the style of His/Her Royal Highness or His/Her Highness. The Queen is styled Her Majesty.

The Danish Royal Family enjoys a remarkably high approval ratings in Denmark, ranging between 80% and 90%.

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