TC Electronic BG250-115 MKII 1x15" Combo Bass Amplifier


Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I51OLKUFU2924 | SKU# I51OLKUfu2924

The TC Electronic BG250-115 MKII may be ultra-portable, but it still houses all the things that make a great bass combo. It's light yet powerful, features super versatile tone shaping tools and it has an onboard tuner specifically calibrated for bass, spanning six strings. TonePrint Enabled Ultra-light, Ultra-powerful Intelligent EQ Section Built-in Bass Tuner Warm, fat and punchy 1x15" speaker configuration Signature Effects. For Free. The TC Electronic BG250-115 MKII sports Bass TonePrint, a unique feature that lets you load signature effects into a TonePrint slot. And since more is more, TC Electronic included two slots. So load any of the Bass TonePrints and off you go! You can switch between them with the optional Switch-3 footswitch; change them on the fly or mute - whatever you need to create your tone. TC Electronic has an ever-expanding roster of the coolest people in bass today that have given their signature versions of TC effects, so there's bound to be a sound that inspires you! Oh, and if you want to use some of the slots for a bit (or a lot) of dirt - go for it! They accept BassDrive TonePrints as well, which range from TubeDrive - ported from the RH750 - to the crushing 'The Beast' TonePrint. Or maybe you want SpectraComp, the amazing world-class per string compression TonePrint specifically designed for bass players. This allows you to shape your sound, create your tone and basically take the TC Electronic Bass TonePrint arsenal wherever you need it to go. They're all available for free and you can beam them directly to your BG250-115 MKII via the

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