TC Electronic Finalizer 96K Multi Effect Mastering Processor


Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I55OKNGCU1625 | SKU# I55OKNGcU1625

The Finalizer 96K delivers unprecedented levels of clarity, warmth and punch to your mix. The Finalizer 96K's all new set of advanced features and enhancements, including 96kHz internal and external processing truly puts the world of professional mastering within reach of every studio - large or small. Inserted between the stereo output of your mixer or workstation and your master recording media, the Finalizer 96K dramatically rounds out your material, creating that "radio ready" sound - previously unattainable outside a professional mastering house. The Finalizer 96K is now able to perform full Up- and Down Sampling. You can enter and exit at any Sample Rate e.g. 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz and make even asynchronous conversion possible. This is essential for you, when working in different Sample Rates. If you want to work with old or already finished material, you now have the ability to Up Sample to 96 kHz through the Finalizer 96K and re-master, if that's what you want. The Up- and Down sample option also makes you well prepared for the DVD or super-CD audio format coming up in the near future." Contact you local service center for further information about the upgrade kit for Finalizer, so you also can make full Up- and Down Sampling! Recall: The "Recall" page takes you step by step through a carefully selected list of 30 presets suitable for any type of source material. There are presets for Classical, Rock, Commercials, Jazz, Techno, Live etc. Wizard: When you want to create your own special preset, call up the "Wizard." Just answer four basic questions about your source material and the type of processing you require, the Wizard will then optimize your material fast and easy. Input And Output: The In & Out blocks now share the same flowchart that shows the signal path from input through inserts to output. The intuitive user- interface gives you the best possible overview, and makes instant connection changes. Tools: The "Phase Correlation Met

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