TC Electronic Vintage Overdrive Pedal


Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I53OKNGEL1661 | SKU# I53OKNGeL1661

The velvety yet crusty and crunchy sound that comes from the Vintage Overdrive will make your guitar sing. Normally you would have to use an old tube amp to acquire the balmy and poignant overdrive that this pedal delivers. Your dynamics are loyally reproduced and the Vintage Overdrive will give you deliciously sweet harmonics and a broad natural sounding tonal spectrum. The mid-range boost evokes the sounds of the past. Controls - Drive Level, Color Filter, Output Level Connections - 1/4 inch input jack, 1/4 inch output jack, DC jack 2mm (centerpin is minus) Power Supply - 9-12 Vol DC or battery 9V Alkaline. Effect Usage 20mA Dimensions - 100mm x 120mm x 50mm Input - 1/4" connection for input signal. Connect your guitar here. Output - 1/4" connection for output. Connect the output to your amp.

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