TC Electronic PowerPlug 9, 9V Power Supply


Brand: TC Electronic
Model# I64PGQURH0502 | SKU# I64PGQUrh0502

Making sure your TC effect pedal is supplied with the correct amount of power is one of the most important concerns you can have. Questions surrounding Voltage and Milliamps are probably some of the most important, since too little can lead to noise, hum and unwanted tone degradation, while too much or the wrong kind of power can seriously damage your equipment. The PowerPlug power supplies have taken all the guesswork out of the equation for you, so you can be sure that your TC Electronic stompbox is only supplied with the correct amount of TC approved power every single time! So why spend time worrying about voltage? You got songs to write, gigs to play and solos to shred! The PowerPlug 9 PSU is the perfect add on accessory for most TC Electronic guitar FX pedals (TonePrint, PolyTune, Ditto Loopers and analog drive pedals) 9Volts, 670mA of TC Approved Power Universal mains voltage with international plug adapters supplied

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