TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini Compact Polyphonic Tuner


Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 966121001 | SKU# 271235369

With its new ultra bright display, groundbreaking polyphonic tuning mode, insanely fast and accurate strobe tuner and an unfathomably small enclosure, this pedal will serve as a massive upgrade for your pedalboard while claiming very little of your precious pedalboard real estate. Pure Polytune win! Attuned to Your Board Staying in tune is without any doubt the most important thing in music, but that doesnt mean that a tuner should take up valuable space on your pedalboard. With PolyTune 2 Mini you dont just get a small tuner, you get the SMALLEST polyphonic tuner in the world! So besides getting a super-fast and precise tuner, you also get more room for more gear. Its the pedal that just keeps on giving. Guided by the Light As if cramming the award winning PolyTune technology into this tiny enclosure wasnt enough, it also has 109 ultra-bright LEDs crammed into a miniature display to make sure that no matter what the situation you will get an instant and clear readout on whether youre in tune or not. And you know what that means less time tuning, more time rockin! Pocket-sized Precision By transferring the ultra-precise chromatic strobe tuner from PolyTune 2 to this highly compact enclosure, you get +/- 0.1 cent of tuning accuracy, which is technical mumbo jumbo for Damn, thats precise. So whether you just need a quick tune-up on stage or want to setup your intonation with incredible precision, PolyTune 2 Mini has you covered. Backstage Pass - All Access PolyTune 2 Mini contains so many cool features all aimed at getting you from tuning to rocking in no time at all. PolyTune: Strum - Tune - Rock! PolyTune is the worlds first polyphonic tuner a multiple patents pending, game-changing total tuning turnaround that allows you to instantly gauge the tuning of all your strings simultaneously and tune up on the fly, ALL strings at once. Full Strobe Ahead The strobe tuner in PolyTune 2 Mini is super accurate and super-fast. Fine tune your instruments with surg

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