TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive


Brand: TC Electronic
Model# TCE-MOJO | SKU# 223629172

You can choose from 6 different Routing setups including Serial, Parallel and Dual Input mode, enabling large flexibility in the configuration of the two engines. TAP TEMPO The Tap Tempo function is ideal for matching the Delay time to the actual rhythm of a tune. Simply hit the Tap key to the rhythm and the M3000 will come up with a delay time matching the beat. The Tap Tempo function can also set the parameter for Reverb, Decay, Chorus Speed, Flanger Speed, Phaser Speed or Tremolo Speed. The Tap tempo is both measured in BPM and milliseconds, and subdivisions can be made. Dynamic Morphing When activated, Dynamic Morphing will morph from the presets on one Engine to the preset on the other depending on a predefined input threshold level. Simply select two presets, the morphing Threshold level and the transition Speed and check out the result. Dynamic Morphing is a fantastic tool in use with a vocal track that rises in level and intensity, e.g. choose a discrete Room ambience for the verse and a big bright Hall for the chorus. The effect is amazing and it runs automatically. Reverbs for Film With the VSS-FP and VSS-SR algorithms for film- and post-production, our main focus has been realistic sounding rooms, no matter how harsh, hard and grinded they may be. Working with standard reverb units in post-production, it has often been a tiresome and unsatisfying task to match the sound of the room to the picture. With the VSS-FP and VSS-SR algorithms that task is now a breeze. Developing VSS-FP and VSS-SR involved tests, presets and analysis. Measurements have been made in three-dimensional models of selected rooms, in order to obtain knowledge of the reflections in various differently furnished rooms, and precise emulations have been created with the Early Reflection generators in the reverb.

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