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Eva Solo Dish with Handle, Small

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 567860 | SKU# 242024946

This is an oven-proof porcelain dish with practical handle which also doubles as a table guard. Gone are the days of having to hold a hot dish in your hand while serving. Hold the dish by the handle with one hand and use the other to serve food easily and elegantly.


Eva Solo Drip-Free Carafe, Medium

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 567560 | SKU# 242024945

Can be used for all types of beverages as well as for decanting and serving wine. Heat-resistant glass. Holds up to 1.01 liters.


Eva Solo Candlesticks 4 Candles

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 567360 | SKU# 242024944

Stylish and simple table candelabra for four candles. Made of stainless steel. Candles not included.


Eva Solo Magneto Knife Magnet

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 229780 | SKU# 242005819

A clever and compact knife magnet that can hold as many as 8 large knives. Each knife is placed slantwise from the wall, which means that each knife only takes up as little space as possible. Knives are stored with the sharp edge towards the wall.


Eva Solo Manual Corkscrew

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 822005 | SKU# 242005818

A manual corkscrew with a strong worm that ensures a good grip on the cork. The handle is made of rubber which sits well in the hand and which also functions as a bottle stopper.


Eva Solo Florentine Vase Large, Transparent

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 567301 | SKU# 242005817

Elegant mouth-blown glass with a slim neck that hugs the bouquet and keeps it standing beautifully. The slim neck also makes it easy to hold the vase while filling it with water.


Eva Solo Champagne Glass

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 541004 | SKU# 242005816

An elegant glass for all types of bubbly. The angled rim allows you to drain the glass without getting a crick in your neck.


Eva Solo Salad Set

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 515301 | SKU# 242005813

This salad set is made of stainless steel. It has a stylish design with excellent grip, perfect for the salad bowl. Bowl with Handle sold separately.


Eva Solo Bottle Opener

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 822008 | SKU# 242005811

The Eva Solo bottle opener is easy to use and is designed to sit comfortably in the hand. The bottle cap holder is made of stainless steel and is rubber-coated.


Eva Solo Mirror Soap Dispenser

Brand: Eva Solo
Model# 567891 | SKU# 226685712

The Eva Solo Soap Dispenser features a stable stand and is perfectly suited for people, who value design. It is made of stainless steel, the pump and soap container of grey synthetic material. Thanks to the high quality production without visible screw cap the soap dispenser is easy to use and clean. Filled with liquid soap, shampoo, or washing-up liquid, the Eva Solo soap dispenser cuts a fine figure in any bathroom or kitchen. Versions available are matt or polished. Design: Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek. Denmark. Approximate size: H.7.25 X D.2

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