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TC Electronic BH250 Bass Guitar Head w/ Speaker Cable, 1/4" to Speakon Adapter, Headphones, Mic Cable, and Instrument Cable!

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 990000511 BUNDLE | SKU#

Get a portable bass head and everything you'll need to start playing right out of the box with this specially designed package from Sonic Sense. This bundle features the TC Electronics BH250, a portable, ruggedly designed bass head. The BH250 has an onboard tuner, TC's famous Toneprint feature for swapping out effects via USB or smartphone, and even a switch for active and passive pickups, so you can use different models of basses. In addition, we've included a set of closed-back headphones for jamming at home, (1) 20 ft. instrument cable for connecting your bass to the head, (1) 25 ft. NL2 to TS cable for connecting your head to a speaker and (1) 20 foot XLR cable for the DI output.


TC Helicon Ditto Mic Looper Pedal

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# Ditto Mic Looper | SKU#

Finally a simple looper pedal for vocals and mic'ed instruments. Ditto mic is for beat boxers, singers with layering and chorale ideas and experimenters who'll loop anything that makes a noise. It's hard to go wrong with only a Loop button and Stop button so we added a large volume control so your live voice or instrument is always in the foreground. You can even overdub then undo layers to bring the vibe up and down and your loops are automatically stored even when the unit is off.


TC Electronic Impact Twin Next Generation Firewire Interface (Standard)

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# | SKU#

An elite FireWire interface with 2 mic preamps, 14 ins/14 outs, 24-bit/192kHz HD conversion, and more.


TC Electronics Ditto Looper Effects Pedal w/ Bonus Power Supply

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# Ditto Looper BUNDLE | SKU#

Generate layers and loops with this pedal bundle! This package features the TC Electronic Ditto Looper. The Ditto boasts a compact, pedalboard-friendly design and cranks out loops in 24 bit uncompressed audio. Best of all it offers unlimited overdubs so you can build some seriously exciting sounds. We've also added a power supply so you'll always be able to power your pedal.


TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal w/4 FREE Cables!

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 960700001 | SKU#

Get everything you need to use your new Corona Chorus Guitar Pedal with this specially priced package which includes (2) 20ft. 1/4in. Instrument cables and (2) 6 in. 1/4in. Patch Cables.


TC Electronic Nova System Floor Based Analog Overdrive/Distortion with G-System Effects and Dynamics Processing

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# Nova System | SKU#

The Nova System is the complete, floor-based effects solution for the dedicated guitar player who wants the ultimate combination of operational simplicity and audio superiority. The Nova System is an all-analog programmable distortion/overdrive section under preset and expression control that includes an arrray of effects taken straight from the king of floor-based processors; G-System: top-notch compression, EQ, noise gate, modulation, pitch, delay and reverb right at your feet.


TC Electronics Vocal Microphone MP-75 Dynamic Microphone, Super-Cardiod

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# MP-75 | SKU# tch-mp75

This is what every singer deserves: a microphone engineered for the sonic realities of modern vocal performance and simple one button control of TC-Helicon vocal effects. You'd expect nothing less from the only pro audio company 100% dedicated to the needs of singers

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