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TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay and Looper Pedal

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 960900005 | SKU# 246448473

If you play electric guitar, the TC Electronic Flashback X4 Guitar Delay Stompbox is compulsory gear. TC Electronic hit big with the Flashback, and has been collecting requests for future must-have features. Now they've released Flashback X4, which serves up the awesomeness of the original Flashback, but this time with 12 delay types, three presets, a 40-second looper, and tap tempo - plus four TonePrint slots that let you load in presets from your favorite artists - right from your smartphone or PC! From scrumptious analog tape echo to totally twisted reverse delays (and everything in between), you only need one delay pedal: TC Electronic's Flashback X4.


TC Helicon Switch-3 Pedal Footswitch

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 996000102 | SKU# 246417200

This versatile and sturdy footswitch allows you to change your sound while continuing to play your instrument.


TC Electronic BG250-210 Toneprint 250-Watt 2x10 Bass Amplifier FREE 20' CABLES

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 990630011 | SKU# 258174224

TC ElectronicsTC Electronic BG250-210 Toneprint250-Watt 2x10 Ultra-Portable Bass Guitar AmpliferWhen TC Electronics introduced Bass Amp 2.0, the world took notice in a big way. It was a smash success and ever since we've been thinking of ways to push things forward. TonePrint EnabledUltra-light, Ultra-powerfulIntelligent EQ SectionVersatile 2x10 speaker configurationBuilt-in Bass TunerWhat we've come up with is a combo that combines tons of raw power with stunning tone shaping tools and an impressive list of unconventional features. Meet BG250-210. Signature Effects. For Free. BG250-210 sports Bass TonePrint, a unique feature that lets you load signature effects into a TonePrint slot. And since more is more, we've included two slots. So load any of the Bass TonePrints and off you go. You can switch between them with the optional Switch-3 footswitch; change them on the fly or mute - whatever you need to create your tone. We've got an ever-expanding roster of the coolest people in bass today that have given us their signature versions of TC effects, so there's bound to be a sound that inspires you. Oh, and if you want to use some of the slots for a bit (or a lot) of dirt - go for it! They accept our BassDrive TonePrints as well, which range from TubeDrive - ported from the RH750 - to the crushing 'The Beast' TonePrint. Or maybe you want SpectraComp, our amazing world-class per string compression TonePrint specifically designed for bass players. This allows you to shape your sound, create your tone and basically take the TC Electronic Bass TonePrint arsenal wherever you need it to go. They're all available for free and you can beam them directly to your BG250 via our bercool free smartphone app or via the TC Electronic website if you want to use a computer. Power That MovesWhat good is having a ton of power if you risk your back or need to rent a forklift every time you have a gig. NO good at all, that's why we designed BG250-210 to have 250 watts of raw power, delivere


TC Electronic Polytune Mini Tuner Pedal

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 966100001 | SKU# 234632222

PolyTune was a big deal, but so is the space on your board. A small footprint is essential for flexible agile guitarists who have places to go and people to rock. PolyTune Mini is the perfect solution for those (and other) guitarists - revolutionary PolyTune technology meets tiny footprint. Seriously SmallPolyTune Mini should fit on even the most crowded of pedalboards, but still packs all the innovative technology of its big brother. That means you save precious space due to PolyTune Mini's small footprint and still get access to PolyPhonic tuning, lightning fast response and an ultra-bright display. Old Skool - Still CoolYou want a chromatic tuner You got it! PolyTune features MonoPoly a technology that allows PolyTune to detect whether you play one or multiple strings and react lightning by changing to chromatic mode if that's what you need. Our chromatic tuner is second to none when it comes to accuracy and speed.A Strong Display of InnovationGuitarists that play gigs, will no doubt recognize the nightmare of an unclear display. Whether it be bright sunlight, an overeager light technician or a stage smoke machine gone bonkers. PolyTune Mini feature an ultra bright LED Matrix guaranteed to be visible in any and all conditions. Ultra-small Footprint - Will Fit on Any Pedal Board PolyTune - Tune All Strings Simultaneously +/- 0.5 Cent Tuning Accuracy True Bypass w/ Silent Tuning Super-bright LED Display Up to 5 Semitones Flat Tunings Drop-D and Capo Tuning


TC Electronic Play Acoustic Vocal Effects Processor

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 996364005 | SKU# 268012286

Play Acoustic provides the modern singer-songwriter with a natural companion, combining everything you need to make a live performances shine perfect back-up harmonies, rich vocal sounds, popular guitar FX and processing that enhances both your guitar and your singing. Features: Professional, natural-sounding Vocal Effects and Tone Vocal Harmonies guided by your guitarGuitar FX styles from TCs own Reverb and Chorus pedalsBodyRez filtering and onboard EQDI for impeccable acoustic guitar toneGuitar feedback protection with notch filter and phase controlsSeparate vocal and guitar outputs, or a stereo mix of bothGetting what you wantWhen you picture a great performance, you may think of clean vocals with a simple harmony or tight reverb. Perhaps your vision is a bit more complex, with, thick vocal doubling, well-controlled delays, cool modulations, edgy hard-tuning and raw distortionsthe choice is yours. TC also improved their humanization and portamento in their harmony effects, making a two-singer backing group sound more personal and genuine than ever. Play Acoustic also follows your guitar chords automatically for harmonies that stay in tune and in time, so theres no need to worry about your key. Getting what you needPlay Acoustic comes equipped with TCs exclusive Adaptive Tone, acting as your personal sound engineer providing automatic intelligent control of Compression, EQ, De-essing, and Gating, giving your voice the impact and presence to always stand out in the mix.


TC Electronic RC4 Bass Footswitch

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 990100001 | SKU# 218362535

The RC4 from TC Electronic gives access to the RH450 Bass Head's tuner, mute switch, and 3 user preset memory banks. It is conveniently powered from the amp and is a great addition to the system for on-the-fly tuning and tweaking. Handy remote floor controller for RH450 amp headTuner indicatorMute switchFootswitches for 3 user preset memory banksPowered directly from RH450Cable included


TC Electronic Impact Twin Next Generation Firewire Interface

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 967500011 | SKU# 218362533

Impact Twin is a state-of-the-art audio interface that features groundbreaking technology to ensure that the music you record sounds as good on the inside of your computer as it does on the outside. With the built-in preamp, converters, and recording tools, the TC Electronic Impact Twin offers a pristine path for your music to follow. The interface's two mic preamps use TC Electronic's Impact III Technology which itself features three stages of top-level processing. You get a high-quality and very flexible mic preamp, superior 24-bit/192kHz HD conversion, plus a set of recording channel tools that lets you shape and optimize your sound making it the perfect recording. With each of these stages carefully combined behind Impact Twin's rugged and cool looking exterior, you have a FireWire interface you can take anywhere that offers the ultimate in recording quality. The Impact III mic preamp makes the best of any microphone. Whether you record with the finest vintage tube mics, the most demanding low-budget condensers, or even a handheld dynamic, Impact Twin has been designed from the ground up to maximize the signal you record into your DAW. The preamps gives you maximum flexibility, and whether you're recording instrument, line, or mic; or with or without phantom power; the Impact Twin is one audio interface that works the way you need it to. However, it's not all about the preamps. If your signal path doesn't then lead on to quality converters then you may as well pack up and go home. The TC Electronic Impact Twin's 24-bit/192kHz HD convertors let you select your conversion rate - all the way from 44.1kHz to the high-definition 192kHz - for the ultimate in pristine audio capture and maintaining the essential transients of your sound. For years, TC Electronics has been an innovator in the world of signal enhancement, and Impact Twin includes essential recording channel tools that go even further to optimize your sound with onboard EQ, compressor and de-esser


TC Electronic Level Pilot Desktop Volume Control

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 967001001 | SKU# 218362532

Level Pilot is a stylish, high-resolution volume solution that fits into any active speaker setup quickly and easily and with a minimum of clutter and wires. This results in convenient and high-precision control over your levels where you would ideally want it: right at your fingertips. Whether you are a passionate hobbyist recording in your bedroom, a musician with a small home studio setup or working at a pro recording facility, Level Pilot makes sure the volume is always exactly where you need it, when you need it. Practical, elegant, and beautifulLevel Pilot is a high quality, analog, stereo volume control that works independently of the computer or audio interface, so no matter what happens during tracking or mixing, you now have complete control over your levels in all situations and at all times. It features a solid and compact 'slip-free' design that fits into any active recording or live setup without the need for an extra power supply, and employs quad-core cabling to minimize clutter. Its sturdy and luxurious aluminum design makes it bold enough to remain within sight and reachable at all times, and it fits practically and beautifully into any music creation and editing setup, simplifying and enhancing your workflow wherever it may take you. High Resolution, low noiseWith any Digital to Analog recording setup it is important to keep the resolution as high as possible at all times throughout the digital signal chain. Digitally controlling the levels prior to the last Digital to Analog conversiona common practice used by most audio interfaces, digital mixers and digital audio devicesreduces the resolution of the conversion, thus degrading the final signal quality. Level Pilot's smart design steers clear of this by allowing you to control the volume levels after the conversion, ensuring maximum resolution without ever sacrificing audio quality. High resolution computer-independent analog level controlPower free - No power-supply requiredSmooth ergonomic feel'Ti


TC Electronic M350 Reverb and Effects Processor

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 965200011 | SKU# 218362528

The TC Electronic M350 combines 15 brand-new TC-quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects including delay, modulation, and compression. Included AU/VST compatible software editor allows for seamless control and editing integration with DAW systems. Through the included software editor, parameters and preset recalls may be fully automated or real-time controlled. High-density 24-bit processing and A/D/A conversion delivers the full transparency of TC reverbs and effects. Choice Selection of EffectsThe M350's reverbs include: classic TC hall, cathedral, ambience, room as well as plates and springs, and the comprehensive effects section includes a number of essential compression, modulation, and delay variations. Optimized PresetsThe 256 factory presets cover a wide range of applications and audio sources, and enable you to use the M350 right out of the box. With 99 additional user presets, the total number of presets amounts to 355.Easy Front Panel AccessM350 was designed with the utmost user-friendliness in mind. All reverb and effect types and parameters are accessible directly from the front panel, ensuring maximum flexibility in any given situation. Perfect for Computer RecordingThrough the included software, the user can control and edit the M350's parameters stand-alone and in any AU/VST environment. Comprehensive I/O The auto-sensing digital input at 24 bit S/PDIF ensures bullet-proof input connection in any setup. Furthermore, the M350 comes with an easy-to-read preset display, and provides MIDI in/out, MIDI clock tempo sync, pedal control of tap tempo, and global bypass. Full DAW integration through VST/AU compatible editor15 true and stunning stereo reverbs15 legendary effects5 seconds of delay256 multi-effect/reverb presets + 99 user preset locations for a total of 355 presetsInternal power supply - no wall wartDual send/return and serial style setupsAuto-sensing 24 bit S/PDIF digital I/O, 44.1-48 kHzTap tempo


TC Electronic G-Major 2 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Brand: TC Electronic
Model# 962001011 | SKU# 218362526

The TC Electronic G-Major 2 is made by guitarists for guitarists. This multi-effects processor is pure guitar magic in a single-space rackmountable unit at a price that lets you ease into greatness. Studio-quality sounds combined with stompbox simplicity is geared for your most heavy-duty performances. These are modeling wannabes, but pure undiluted TC Electronic effects in a league of their own. The G-Major 2 offers easy integration with your current setup and pain-free on-the- fly editing. Or use a MIDI interface for more dedicated patch programming using the included PC/Mac editor.G-Major 2 processor houses all the classic TC Electronic effects that made the original G-Major a favorite among passionate hobby musicians and pros alike. It adds a wide range of guitar effects and features based on feedback and requests from dedicated users of the G-Major platform. From the delays, reverbs and modulation effects that helped define the industry and new daring sounds such as Tri-Chorus, Through-Zero langer, modulated delays, and Univibe, everything is done with impeccable TC Electronic quality. UnivibeTri-ChorusThrough-Zero FlangerRetuned TC Electronic reverbsNew filter/wah block ported 1:1 from G-SystemReverse DelayIntelligent pitch shiftingModulated delaysPC/Mac editorRelay switching

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