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LEGO Kingdoms 7946 King's Castle

Brand: LEGO
Model# 7946 | SKU# 217313424

Once upon a time, the King ruled the land in the LEGO Kingdoms Kings Castle. Then one day the Dragon Knight army attacked. Now the valiant King and his soldiers prepare to defend the castle. The castle is armed and ready for battle with a wind-up front gate, a tipping drawbridge and a secret prison.


LEGO Star Wars 7964 Republic Frigate

Brand: LEGO
Model# 7964 | SKU# 224088661

Transport the Jedi and clone heroes in the iconic Republic Frigate Includes 5 minifigures: Yoda, Eeth Koth, Quinlan Vos, Clone Commander Wolffe and Wolfpack clone trooper 3 lightsabers and 2 blasters also included Frigate features detachable escape pod, flick missile, opening cockpit, and rotating turbolaser cannons Also features proton torpedo launcher with torpedo, retractable undercarriage, opening hatches and detailed interior


LEGO Star Wars 7957 Sith Nightspeeder with Savage Opress

Brand: LEGO
Model# 7957 | SKU# 224088659

Evade the super-quick twin Sith nightspeeder Includes 3 minifigures: Anakin, Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress 4 lightsabers also included Nightspeeder features two detachable pods and flick missile


LEGO Alien Conquest 7067 Jet Copter Encounter

Brand: LEGO
Model# 7067 | SKU# 224088658

Intercept the UFO with the Jet-Copter! The alien defense unit is armed and ready to stop the UFO with the Jet-Copter! Using its dual flick missiles and detachable prison pod, the Jet-Copter?s moving rotors and engines head towards the alien ship. But wait! The UFO has split into 2 smaller crafts in a slick escape attempt. Set a flight path and lock the missiles on target to stop the UFOs from getting away!


LEGO Alien Conquest 7049 Alien Striker

Brand: LEGO
Model# 7049 | SKU# 224088656

Stop the alien invader with the LEGO Alien Conquest Alien Striker (7049) set! The alien defense unit soldier is on the look out for an alien invader speeding around the city. Stop the outer space bully from capturing anything he can get his suckers on! Dodge the striker's laser guns and send the bug eyed invader back to where he came from! The LEGO Alien Conquest Alien Striker (7049) features: 2 minifigures: alien defense unit soldier and alien trooper Alien Striker measures over 2 (5cm) wide Contains 42 pieces To be able to understand why LEGO has been successful for so long, just look to the name. LEGO originally got its name from founder Ole Kirk Christiansen who combed the Danish words Leg Got which means play well. He later realized that LEGO in Latin translates to I put together. The LEGO set became a standard of creative play for children worldwide, unlocking the creativity to build vehicles, buildings, cities and more. Historians point to the invention of the wheel as a major turning point in world history. The invention of the LEGO wheel had the same monumental effect in the history of LEGO, making it possible to create cars, trucks and eventually the LEGO train building set that is one of the most successful LEGO sets of all time. LEGO currently produces about 20 billion LEGO bricks a year and has sold over 400 billion LEGOs in their history - enough for every person on the planet to have over 60 LEGOs each!


LEGO City 4644 Marina

Brand: LEGO
Model# 4644 | SKU# 224088655

The LEGO City Marina (4644) is bursting with fun in the sun! As the lifeguard keeps a careful watch from the lookout tower, ride the quad bike to the water's edge, grab your windsurfer or head out by the dinghy for a busy day at the beach. If diving is more your speed, strap on your flippers and grasp your harpoon to fish for dinner! When it's time to hang ten by the sand dunes, head on over to the surf shop or relax at the paradise cafe. The LEGO City Marina (4644) features: 5 minifigures: wind surfer, lifeguard, sailor, diver and girl A watch tower, surf shop and paradise cafe Vehicles include dinghy and quad bike Accessories include surfboard, windsurfer, harpoon, scuba gear, 4 pairs of flippers, 3 life jackets and more Measures over 14 x 7in Quad bike measures over 2 long Dinghy measures over 3 x 6in Contains 294 pieces.


LEGO City 4641 Speed Boat

Brand: LEGO
Model# 4641 | SKU# 224088653

This LEGO City Speed Boat building set is sure to provide tons of fun!


LEGO Games 3858 Heroica Waldurk Forest Game

Brand: LEGO
Model# 3858 | SKU# 224088647

LEGO Heroica Waldurk Forest Game: LEGO Heroica Waldurk Forest Game: Hidden in the ruins of Waldurk Forest, the Dark Druid is restoring his strength. You must use all your skill and power to find your way past his lurking monsters, but can you escape with the Chalice of Life? Every HEROICA game is a unique adventure to build and explore, with new heroes, monsters, weapons and treasure. Contents: 225 LEGO pieces, Rules booklet, Poster, Building instructions. For 2-3 players ages 8 and up. UPC: 673419145619


LEGO City 3366 Satellite Launch Pad

Brand: LEGO
Model# 3366 | SKU# 224088644

Launch the new communications satellite into space from the launch pad! Drive to the launch pad and help the technician prepare the rocket for blast off into orbit. Includes minifigure, truck and satellite! 165 pieces.


LEGO Ninjago 2255 Sensei Wu

Brand: LEGO
Model# 2255 | SKU# 224088641

LEGO Ninjago Sensei Wu (2255), master of the power of creation, is the son of the first spinjitzu master and brother of evil Lord Garmadon. Spin the ultimate Spinjitzu master to victory with 4 battle cards to influence the outcome. The LEGO Ninjago Sensei Wu (2255) set includes * 1 pure optic spinner * 3 weapons * 1 character card * 4 battle cards and LEGO bricks. * Sensei Wu (No Suggestions) with pure optic spinner * Weapons include the golden staff, golden kusari gama and golden sword *20 Elements

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