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LEGO: SpongeBob SquarePants - Chum Bucket

Brand: LEGO
Model# LG4981 | SKU# 205565316

Can you foil Plankton's wacky schemes? Across the street from the Krusty Krab is the Chum Bucket, the restaurant and secret lab where Plankton hatches his evil plans to steal the Krabby Patty recipe. With the help of his computer, he'll use his spinning brainwasher, the Krabby Patty analyzer, and even a robotic SpongeBob to get it. Can SpongeBob and his burger-launching catapult stop Plankton? Includes SpongeBob minifigure, Plankton and his Burger Walker, a robot customer and more. 337 pieces. Box measures 11.34H x 15.12W x 1.89D.


LEGO Star Wars Yellow Clone Trooper

Brand: LEGO
Model# 63 | SKU# 239889368

Figure is less than 2 inches tall. Item has been removed from a LEGO set, and placed in a ziploc bag.


LEGO Duplo Dusty and Chug (10509)

Brand: LEGO
Model# E6491DB8 | SKU# 258377973

Help Dusty train for the big Disney Planes race! When Dusty runs out of fuel, get to the filling station fast. Use Chug's hose to refuel and get Dusty back to flying across the sky. Includes Dusty and Chug LEGO DUPLO characters.


LEGO Duplo Disney Ripslinger's Air Race (10510)

Brand: LEGO
Model# F6F53F28 | SKU# 258377967

When El Chupacabra faces off against Ripslinger in a daring air race, it?s up to you to see who will fly around the cones the fastest to win the trophy! Speed past the finish line first to clinch victory in the clouds in this Disney Planes? set from LEGO? DUPLO? Includes El Chupacabra and Ripslinger characters.


LEGO Duplo My First Farm (10617)

Brand: LEGO
Model# 26BBDEEC | SKU# 275931456

Play and learn with LEGO? DUPLO? My First Tractor! Put the chunky pieces together to build the tractor, then stack and unload the colorful fruits in the basket. Teach your child about colors and fruits with the special decorated bricks. Start your stories with this easy-to-build set including large LEGO DUPLO bricks that are designed especially to be safe and suitable for little hands. Includes 2 child LEGO DUPLO figures.


LEGO Duplo My First Playhouse (10616)

Brand: LEGO
Model# 05A15DD7 | SKU# 275931455

Play and learn at LEGO? DUPLO? My First Playhouse! Combine the chunky pieces to build the playhouse as a perfect introduction to basic construction skills. The special decorated bricks showing key parts of the daily routine provide talking points for you and your toddler so you can teach them about their day. The turnable night/day brick helps set the scene for learning and role play. Start your stories with this easy-to-build set and help the 2 LEGO DUPLO figures get up in the morning, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, and have fun on the slide before lying them down in the beds to rest. The brightly colored LEGO DUPLO bricks are designed especially to be safe and suitable for little hands. Includes 2 child LEGO DUPLO figures.


LEGO Star Wars T-16 Skyhopper (75081)

Brand: LEGO
Model# DCDB5AC5 | SKU# 275931444

Swoop through the canyons of Tatooine in the high-performance LEGO? Star Wars? T-16 Skyhopper? With its pilot cabin, adjustable wings, detachable storage box and dual spring-loaded shooters, this maneuverable airspeeder is perfect for chasing down womp rats for target practice. But watch out for the bad-tempered Tusken Raider who loves to attack with its gaffi stick! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: a Skyhopper Pilot and a Tusken Raider.


LEGO Duplo Airport (10590)

Brand: LEGO
Model# F4404156 | SKU# 275931428

Get ready for take-off at the LEGO? DUPLO? Airport! Build the luggage check-in and make sure your suitcases are taken to the plane. Drive the refueling truck over to fill up the plane. Then help the pilot take his seat and make sure all the passengers are on board ready to fly away. This set will keep any little pilot entertained as they master early building skills and enjoy playing with the two iconic airport vehicles. Use this set to talk to your child about what happens at the airport beforetheir first trip on a plane! LEGO DUPLO bricks are brightly colored and designed especially to be safe for smaller hands. Includes three LEGO DUPLO figures: a passenger, pilot and an airport worker.


LEGO Star Wars Ezras Speederbike (75090)

Brand: LEGO
Model# 75090 | SKU# 275931421

The Stormtrooper on his speeder bike is hot on the heels of Ezra. But on his own customized speeder bike, the young rebel has a surprise in store! As they round a corner, Ezra slams on the brakes and sends his pursuer shooting past? right into the path of Sabine armed with her pistols! Will the Stormtrooper be forced to hand over his speeder bike to those pesky rebels? Play out your own ending to this fun story inspired by the Star Wars?: Rebels animated TV series. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren and a Stormtrooper.


LEGO Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring

Brand: LEGO
Model# LG7661 | SKU# 205476733

When the Jedi Knights need to travel across the galaxy fast, they attach their Jedi Starfighters to hyperdrive rings and blast off into hyperspace. Removable Jedi starfighter features retractable landing gear, multi-position wings and an opening cockpit that can seat Obi-Wan Kenobi or the first-ever Kit Fisto minifigure. Hyperdrive ring features flick-launching missiles and opening starfighter connection plates. Get ready to battle the Sith. 575 pieces. Measures 11.34 inches high x 18.92 inches wide x 2.83 inches deep.

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